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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicle manufacturers publish and promote a factory scheduled maintenance program for the vehicles they produce and sell. Some manufacturers recommend the ‘normal basics’ while others go to the extreme providing for a very costly experience for their customers. After all, the gross profit center of a dealership is the service department. Allow us, at Murphy’s Auto Service, to tailor a maintenance schedule that is personal and just for you. You can rely on our manufacturer and technical expertise to build you a custom program to ensure a long vehicle life and minimal depreciation. We will take into account:

We will ensure, based on your individual circumstance, that a program is developed to suit you, not the manufacturer or dealer.

Timing Belt Service

The timing belt is one of the most important (if not the most important) maintenance item in a modern vehicle engine. Not all engines have them as some are driven by timing chains. The important difference here is that a belt is a maintenance item requiring replacement, a chain is not. A chain is designed to last the service life of the engine under normal conditions. The chain/belt is driven by the crankshaft and is connected to the camshaft(s) that make up the cylinder head valve train. Approximately 90% of engines are of the interference variety, meaning if the belt or chain breaks, catastrophic engine failure is a result. Timing belts DO have a replacement interval and it is imperative that it be followed.

Engine timing belt

Illustrated is a typical example of a timing belt driven engine. The crankshaft at the bottom drives the belt clockwise (usually) and in turn drives the camshaft pulleys at the cylinder head. It must be noted that when replacing the belt, the tensioner, all associated guide pulleys, and water pump (if applicable) are replaced. This will ensure trouble free performance until the next replacement interval.

Engine damage

Illustrated is an engine cylinder head in which the valves have been damaged by impact. Note that three of the five valves have been bent. This occurs when a timing belt or chain breaks while the engine is running. Most engines are not allowed enough clearance between the piston and the valves when this occurs, allowing for a collision. This is what is meant by an interference engine. Because of the breakage of the chain or belt, the valves are left stationary while the crankshaft driving the pistons continues to have momentum. Major damage is the end result.

As one can see, the timing belt is a critical maintenance item that should never be neglected. For many vehicles in this day and age, the sheer value attributed to it is whether it has a running engine or not. At Murphy’s Auto Service, we ARE the timing belt experts. We have expertly performed hundreds of timing belt services and you can rely on us to ensure your investment is protected. Contact us for an assessment of your vehicle requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

As vehicles age, the factory maintenance schedule is usually long forgotten. It is still very important to be aware of the fact that preventative maintenance is vital to the longevity of your investment. We can formulate a maintenance plan that will ensure the proper steps are taken to prevent unfortunate failures of components, and keep you vehicle running strong. We will take into account:

We will gladly recommend services we have experienced to be of benefit to your particular vehicle.

Premium Lubricants

We are proud to be a retailer of ENEOS oil, the number 1 oil company in Japan, and the number 1 synthetic factory fill oil for Japanese vehicle manufacturers. We are equally proud to be retailers of LIQUI MOLY, the number 1 synthetic oil brand in Germany. We truly believe in these products and are honored to be able to bring them to our customers.

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