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Engine Repair

With over 25 years of European car experience, trust our expert technicians for the advanced diagnosis and mechanical repair of your engine including:

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

Having at our disposal, some of the most advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment and software, we are fully equipped to handle your import or domestic car or light truck. Our equipment offers full spectrum diagnostics for all of the vehicle operating systems (where equipped) and encompasses almost all worldwide brands. We also offer manufacturer assisted advanced diagnostics from Lamborghini, and diagnostics from Ferrari/Maserati and Aston Martin.

Repairs And Alignment Services

Expert Alignments

We will keep your vehicle running on the straight and narrow with our state-of-the-art alignment services. Our experts are equipped with the tools and know how to align everything from the daily driver, to the off road truck or race vehicle. A four wheel alignment will identify suspension or frame issues and reduce premature tire wear.

Exhaust repair and replacement

Exhaust system fitness is vital to the proper performance, and occupant safety of a vehicle. See us for the repair, replacement, or customization of your exhaust system. As there are many options and upgrades for most vehicles, contact us to suit your needs.

Brake service, replacement and upgrade

One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked, safety features of your vehicle is the brake system. Our experts will analyze to diagnose, and recommend the appropriate repair for your vehicle. Upgrades are often available, so contact us regarding your needs.

Vehicle suspension repair and upgrade

See our technicians for the expert diagnosis and repair of your vehicle suspension system. Many options and upgrades are frequently available, so see us for your individual needs.